Little Red Leaves is a collectively edited online journal of poetry. LRL e-editions and the LRL Textile Series are outcroppings of conversations that began in the submissions pile for the journal.


Issue 7 will be curated and designed by Jimmy Lo with help from John Harkey and Misty Harper. Submission has closed. Issue 7 will (hopefully) be published in the summer of 2013. Stay tuned.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR ISSUE 7 WAS JANUARY 31, 2013. ANYTHING SENT TO US AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR LRL 7 (but may still be considered for future issues, depending)


Ephemera feature design by Dawn Pendergast.

Videography for issue 6 by Ash Smith.

Editors for issue 6: Julia Drescher, Paul Klinger, C.J. Martin, Dawn Pendergast, and Ash Smith.

Site development for issue 6 by C.J. Martin, Dawn Pendergast, and Ash Smith.


If you have any questions or would like to query regarding interviews, please contact us at littleredleaves@gmail.com.


Past contributing editors for the journal have included Alison Cimino, Michelle Detorie, Julia Drescher, Chad Heltzel, Paul Klinger, C.J. Martin, Pablo Miguel Martinez, Karen McBurney, Dawn Pendergast, and Ash Smith.