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On Lavoisier’s Elements
by Sean Reynolds

The problem arose of how to find attraction
In inert material of a devising apparatus—
of How to fix a remarkably vigorous flame
And make observation on the Combinations
Of Metals with other Metals with
This fluid, which is so subtle, so active,
so difficult to confine:

Coal calques to calx

the tube   its
middle frays in heat hands


part as if by doubting       Done
exactly as said

thinking in Odds and Ends, but
inclining from E to F.

I fear signs too specific for
My adolescence
Episodes and my sums.

I still speak in    in Ribbons

to render successes, though
earns, Glass


to seal a space and bans
the touching-with-ant

{...- ent and -ant are primarily adjs. ,sometimes distinctly ppl.
  some, like many, used as sbs., meaning...(b) material agent.}

barren of pores and the passage of vapours--

Phrasing around the reactions
up and down the particles,

divided against the contagion
of the indivisible substance.

Having fixed the glass tube EF
Where substantives neither nor
escapes or  —ent ers.

In a pact I show my middle
To the mirror
And the mirror is    prodigal.

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