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5 Poems
by Timothy David Orme
More Organ

Hyoid curled into neck.
Its wills meaningless clips a cohesion.
From black frame extrapolating.
Its encapsulation sensorial.
In its blissful seizure.
Without being.


Color issues as urgences forth.
Flax fattening thisintergration inly.
A present bows ploreality ataction a part.
Frame everything.
As a nothingness measures temporality.
Ex posits.


In its preverse induction opening.
Bipetal articulation the folds.
Suspersion into outer reive traversly there.
Sepal creating or a connection absorbed out to.
Awesone as ones revers saidly spurts.
Suns actions split as skin intent.
An inhilation.

Since Sated

The mind asks the skins collapse muscally.
O points archingly a row flowing.
The mirer rends as musicality permeated sobriguous.
Beats red ridges absurb.
A prick ties my thigh or me.
End the world as beautiful.


This being partitions structurally set.
Instant as signet flies all enveloped.
Wind spasms concurrently rising thermals delvery.
Seamingly arch.
Accept bending ass synchronous stance.
Then reveiling one or ether as sent.



Timothy David Orme is a writer and filmmaker. His short films have shown at large and small festivals and art galleries all over the world. He is the author of Oponearth (BlazeVOX 2013) and Catalogue of Burnt Text (BlazeVOX 2009) as well as two chapbooks, most recently the first chapter of his novel Reflummuxology: Or, A Navel Inverse (Alice Blue Books 2012). His poetry and essays have appeared in Word For/Word, Interim, Colorado Review, and Diagram, among others. For more about Tim, visit www.timothydavidorme.com.

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