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Following in
by Geoffrey Olsen

                                                       Following in videogame nausea barren landscape though
sprouted with trees here there

the police sentence this line of movement

                       needed. I thought of

                                                              autumn here in space

                                                              no weather registers

                                                  a line of the body’s cabling stuff

omnipresent / the shark consciousness overloaded

                                                       thinking about sound

                                                                                                            materially awake

in a portrait of being alone with the ear

again from the jackhammer from which I was arisen.

hold to us rift / this leveling up


embodied departure
like I got out of
it                                                  out of a lurch
                                                           a light
                                                           a precinct

                              stable for a moment in a time of great deterioration

                              what you wanted to hear

                              being in expected categories
                                     clones, as I was, of an
                              excessive population

                                         “not dreamt by logics”


the moribund filter over technicians of sorrow

                                                      having most experience in this mutant face

placed grotesque
                     something verb overload

                                            the dry leering opts spacious

                                            nor blood
                                            and choose not to run with

                                                                            it through the crisp

                   a helicopter circling
                       ear level
                                the road

                                            buildings mutating grey the
                                                   filter place

                                  in the sun
                                           all of it happening

                                                                              t h e n

                                                                  not enough a highly drawn circle
                                                    little ooze scarlet pathways

                                  huddled to pieces / nothing I can do

                                                   blissed off strife

                                                              solace chrysalis sensed to
                                                   emerge in hopes wide flange
                                                              an unburdening then the press
                                                              of arch / controlled


this body paints / flails, being a chrysalis

about bridges

                                the extent of your connection
                                 a sinuous understanding

                                               acquaintance with debt

                                I failing to lean against the wall / any sort of praise

                      and emerging from this time
                    that torn up time that road torn
          to time up piles of asphalt

                                 budding up with blocks
                                  the new layer

                                              would rather thank the body

                                                                 nevermind disaster
                                                                 nevermind looping movement


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