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from Footnotes to Forfeit
by Emily Carr


footnote to forfeit is ransom notes on top of love poetry on top of rumors. I used Wite Out to obliterate the poems collected in the 1972 Peter Pauper version of Emily Dickinsonís love poetry. Then, (like the author of a ransom note), I collaged short lyrics over the Wite Out by cutting and pasting individual letters from a variety of vintage media (such as a 1970s issue of Better Homes and Gardens). This is one strategy for transforming transgression, faith, and forgiveness from things (as commodity) to events (as "matters of care").


Emily Carr is the author of two books of poetry, directions for flying (Furniture Press 2010) & 13 Ways of Happily: Books 1 & 2 (Parlor Press 2011), four chapbooks, & a Tarot novel.

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