sun yung shin




II. (cont')


The wood across your back, feet making a path like a dry riverbed

                                              Rocks holding their breath

(the memory of slick and glitter)

       A moss pillow for the weary or lazy

A bull mask with a gold ring lies in the future, among the tongues of mothers

The necessity of becoming

                                 the plain-pottery people

Beggar or chooser

Gift of a stone axe, a stone net sinker

Was the first to cross over a woman, curious, or alone

                                                 The exchange of a child

The gift of a child

A child lost on the way to gather (fire)
                                               distracted by a moving stripe

                                  follows a snake through the dry leaves


                                                          tasting the air

On the opposite shore of the Taedong River

                      No bridge but the cold reflections of clouds









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