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the olympics is all in your mind (cont')


They left a long time ago.
Strides into the room.
Strides in this restricted space?
Stepped then, gingerly more likely. Entered gently, tentatively, stepping between the coffee table strewn with papers, possibly pages of street music, I mean sheet music, drafts or sketches of an unfinished piece, as yet untitled, sporadically thought and partially remembered.
Steps between the upholstered blue chair and the coffee table strewn with papers, then past the blue chair filled with blue air, appearing to aim for the sofa on the opposite side of the room, outside the frame. Debates about suing a rhetorical device, perhaps repetition or receptor theory, with variations, here, but lets the idea slip away out of the frame, over the falls in a barrel.
People were still pulling that prank over fifty years ago, before the beginning of her reign. The idea of her reign over a barrel over the falls.


* * *