Raymond Farr




Sixth Month & Late Evening


In the name
Of good shepherding

The market took a dive today—

Sixth month & late evening
Eight strands continue to gaze

Pleiades vaults across zero
Zero sojourns across Pisces

Watchful of desire

Yet sky

A record is kept
In secret
On fire
Deciding intelligence
In common

If essence
Is upheaval
Then dada’s a loan

Ogled wharf pain
Red kite situations
Hitch up beyond
& craving






“the gaps &absences it sometimes precipitates”


           “the gaps”

I write renegades on napkins
No further west of April’s gone mad again

Then snow plows

& half bridges to lunacy
Gauge missing child hit by falling violin




Terrible boxcars jut from his ribcage




A gorge in the west of him
Exhibits art as a sky box or basis for cliff notes




Evening’s harmonious crow’s nest
Nearly softly a book store
Skids like maestro to parting ways




So ample
Is scimitar

At cross

Is tactical

On top
Olde circuitry

As torpor

Of torpor

At one
Of its hours

Its voice

A circumstance
A pine

In lagoons

Reminds us
Their tale




The fences are shadows
Move slowly across


The fields (the         &

Push against victims
Painting the news




While watching
The watchers

Digitally watch back

A cereal box
Is consumed—

On one good

One wooden

A shipwreck

Harbors fantastic

In two scoops
Of wondering

What is the meaning

Out of sequence?

Or [                 ]
Until vivid?




& out there beyond hope
& infinite ruin

One’s shame of the brother whom
The apple so clean etc etc
Writes bibles entirely a nomad

A typo walled
Between similes


          A NOTE


Surrealist as FRIDGE

Straits’ emphatic UGLY BOOT
(banked by progeny & infinite ruin)
Repositions containment

Gambols uncertain randomness

Thickets of twill eves
Cull stasis to zero





Raymond Farr attended Florida State University. He now lives in Ocala, FL, with his new puppy, Jasper. His most recent work may be viewed on line & in print at: Otoliths, Bird Dog, foam:e, Anemone Sidecar, Cab/Net, As-Is, BlazeVox2k6, & Sidebrow. He will have poetry published in Word/forWord in summer 2007.


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